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2001 Donruss Quantum Leaf Football Early Again

2001 Quantum Leaf Football: Celebrating the NFL’s Bright Future and its Glorious Past

             GRAND PRAIRIE, TX (April 30, 2001) – As first-time products go, last year’s debut of Quantum Leaf Football enjoyed nothing short of Rookie-of-the-Year caliber success – and not just because it was weeks ahead of the competition in being the first 2000 football product on the market.

            More than just an expeditious release, Quantum Leaf drew rave reviews for its compelling mix of the NFL’s newest draft picks (on cards that included complete draft-day information) and its greatest all-time performers.

            Never content with resting on its laurels, Donruss/Playoff will use last year’s success as a springboard for 2001 Quantum Leaf Football, a 260-card set that releases in early May with 60 Rookie Cards and a stunning ensemble of game-used material cards inspired by the greatest superstars in NFL history.

            “The success of last year’s Quantum Leaf product proved to everyone that there is a real desire for a rookie-laden football set as soon as possible after the draft,” says Doug Goddard, Donruss/Playoff’s Vice President of Product Development. “We did everything in our power to successfully satisfy that desire last year; this year we intend to exceed our own lofty expectations.”

            Of Quantum Leaf’s 60 Rookie Cards – all of which include draft-day information – 50 will be seeded one in two packs. The other 10 will be seeded one in . . . uh . . . well, suffice it to say they’ll be much scarcer. In addition, 2001 Quantum Leaf also will include a Rookie Roundup wrapper redemption program good for an additional set of Rookies not included in the base set.

            “Quantum Leaf’s identity is based largely on its selection of rookies, and when you combine the set’s 60 in-pack Rookie Cards with those covered in Rookie Roundup, 2001 Quantum Leaf will feature at least 75 Rookie Cards.”

            The product also will herald the most prolific performers in NFL history with All-Millennium Marks – a 30-card insert sequentially numbered to 1,000 showcasing the league’s all-time rushing, passing and receiving leaders.

            The principals in All-Millennium Marks made their marks – literally – on a 30-card autographed parallel sequentially numbered to 100.

All-Millennium Materials takes the same 30 legends, and pieces of their authentic, game-used gear, for an insert set sequentially numbered to 100, with the first 25 of each autographed.

Shirt Off My Back and Hardwear, two 30-card inserts sequentially numbered to 100, incorporate pieces of authentic game-used jerseys and helmets, respectively, and both sets include scarcer autographed parallels of some players.

2001 Quantum Leaf also is bolstered by three hobby-exclusive inserts: All-Millennium Milestones, a five-card set showcasing two or three all-time leaders in five different statistical categories, including an autographed parallel sequentially numbered to 25. Gamers, a 10-card offering sequentially numbered to 25, will include cards equipped with multiple swatches of game-used jersey, highlighted by the industry’s first six-swatch card. And Rookie Revolution Rights, a 20-card autographed parallel featuring the league’s newest stars on a set sequentially numbered to 50.

Other highlights of 2001 Quantum Leaf Football include:

Infinity – A 260-card parallel tiered by color. Card #’s 1-100 (Green #’d to 100, Red #’d to 50, Purple #’d to 25); Card #’s 101-200 (Green #’d to 25, Red #’d to 100, Purple #’d to 100); Card #’s 201-260 (Green #’d to 75, Red #’d to 35, Purple #’d to 15)

Star Factor – A 40-card insert sequentially numbered to 2,000. (X-Factor parallel is die cut and sequentially numbered to 25)

Rookie Revolution – A 20-card rookie-themed insert sequentially numbered to 4,000

Touchdown Club – A 40-card insert set sequentially numbered to 2,000 highlighting the NFL’s most frequent end zone visitors (NFC stars appear in hobby, AFC leaders appear in retail). Total Touchdown Club parallel is sequentially numbered to player’s career touchdown total

Century Season – A 65-card insert sequentially numbered to 1,000 showcasing the most significant single-season performances in NFL history. Century Season Signatures autograph parallel features sequential numbering to 21

For more information on 2001 Donruss or any other Donruss/Playoff product, visit the company’s Web site at www.playoffinc.com