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2001 Donruss Baseball Returns

2001 Donruss Returns Just in Time for a 20th Anniversary Celebration

  GRAND PRAIRIE, TX (April 30, 2001) – 2001 Donruss Baseball, steeped in tradition and long on legacy, is set to make its eagerly anticipated return to the baseball card hobby in early May following a two-year hiatus.

Donruss’ 20th Anniversary edition is infused with all of the cardboard staples collectors have come to expect from one of the game’s landmark brands, while at the same time providing an abundance of modern collecting amenities.

“When we went about putting 2001 Donruss together, one of our objectives was to construct a set that would build on Donruss’ proud history and deliver more value than anyone could possibly hope for,” says Doug Goddard, Donruss/Playoff’s Vice President of Product Development. “This set is a momentous accomplishment for Donruss/Playoff as a company, and it promises not to merely meet expectations – but to overwhelmingly surpass them.”

Foremost among the many things Goddard wanted to accomplish with 2001 Donruss was to give the brand’s loyal legion of collectors the unique opportunity to take care of unfinished business by filling in the holes from 1999 and 2000. Therefore, the 220-card 2001 base set is bolstered by two different 100-card “extra” sets distributed through unique, one-card Retro-Active packs within each five-card pack of hobby (1999) and retail (2000).

The designs and checklists featured in the Retro-Active subsets are true to 1999 and 2000 Donruss, respectively, and serve to answer the question, “What if Donruss made baseball cards in 1999 and 2000?” Each 100-card Retro-Active set includes 20 sequentially numbered rookies, Stat Line parallels and Diamond Kings inserts.

“This pack-within-a-pack promotion is revolutionary in that it takes collectors back in time a year or two and lets them bust packs from Donruss’ ‘Lost Years,’ ” Goddard says.

Company officials also are relying on Diamond Kings, one of the most revered inserts in baseball card history, to ensure that Donruss’ return to baseball is a royal success.

In addition to the 10-card Retro-Active Diamond Kings (five from 1999 and five from 2000, all sequentially numbered to 2,500), 2001 Donruss includes 2001 Diamond Kings (20 cards, sequentially numbered to 2,500), 20 Diamond Kings Reprints (sequentially numbered to the year they were originally released) and All-Time Diamond Kings (10 baseball legends, sequentially numbered to 2,500). The kicker? Each Diamond Kings insert will include at least some autographed versions.

Of course, all the kings’ men wouldn’t be complete without a millennial twist – which is exactly what Jersey Kings and Bat Kings provide. The set’s All-Time Diamond Kings are injected with pieces of actual game-used bats and game-worn jerseys for this extraordinary insert, with autographed parallels sequentially numbered to 50.

“Diamond Kings is such a rich piece of Donruss’ tradition and we want to take advantage of that history with a Diamond King for every occasion, so to speak,” Goddard says. “There’s so much excitement surrounding 2001 Donruss, what with the 20th anniversary and the triumphant return after two years away. And Donruss/Playoff is proud to offer a set that’s truly worthy of the anticipation – instead of one that just takes advantage of it.”

Other highlights of 2001 Donruss include:

·                    A 220-card base set with 150 commons, 50 Rated Rookies (sequentially numbered to 2,001) and a 20-card Fan Club subset.

·                    Rookie Reprints – This 40-card set pays tribute to the most notable Rookie Cards in Donruss history, complete with a 20th-Anniversary logo and an autographed parallel.

·                    Elite Series – Another of Donruss’ storied inserts, this 20-card set is sequentially numbered to 2,500 and honors some of the best players in the game today. Elite Series Dominators parallel is sequentially numbered to 25. 

·                    Longball Leaders – Baseball’s most proficient power brokers are showcased on this 20-card insert sequentially numbered to 1,000. Seasonal Sum die-cut parallel is sequentially numbered to depicted player’s 2000 home run total.

·                    Production Line – This 60-card insert features the game’s top sluggers in one of three categories (On-Base Percentage, Slugging Percentage and Power Index) with sequential numbering to depicted category stat. The first 100 of each card are die cut.

·                    Donruss Anniversary Originals – BGS-graded Donruss BuyBacks (featuring Rookie Cards, Hall of Famers and superstars), including some autographed versions, inserted one per hobby box.

·                    Stat Line Parallel – This 220-card parallel features Career and Season editions, each sequentially numbered to a respective career or season statistic.



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·                    The Rookies & Baseball’s Best Coupons – Randomly inserted The Rookies coupons entitle holder the exclusive option to purchase The Rookies update set. Randomly inserted Baseball’s Best coupons entitle holder the exclusive option to purchase a complete glossy base and update set.


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