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2001 Fleer Premium Football


With a Sharp Black Border and an All-Star Line-up,

 2001 Fleer Premium Football Pounds the Competition

MT. LAUREL, N.J. - JULY 17, 2001 -- Fleer Premium has become known as the set that contains a little bit of everything that collectors love. In the upcoming 2001 Fleer Premium Football release, collectors will get a bit more than they anticipated.

The 250-card base set with a design that has been heralded as the best looking card on the market has a striking black border that surrounds a stark white card and contains awesome crisp photography. The 2001 rookies make up 50 of the 250 base card set and are numbered to 2,001 (for the draft year). To spice it up a little bit, the first 250 serially numbered rookie cards of 25 players will also have a piece of a real NFL football on the card. Each of these players are top picks from this past draft and should make healthy impacts on the NFL.

If you want more than base cards for your collecting enjoyment, then look no further than Premium with five different insert programs that offer collectors multitude of ways to collect. Each insert program has a second tier that contains either game-used memorabilia or autographs. Rookie Revolution is a 10-card insert set featuring top rookies from the 2001 NFL Draft-plus look for specially signed versions of the Rookie Revolution cards numbered to just 50 of each.

Greatest Plays is a 21-card chase set that relives some of the most incredible plays in football history. There is also a game-used version of Greatest Plays that contains game-used swatches from the legends that made these plays happen. Top players in today's game are featured in Solid Performers and the game-used version Premium Performers. Look for Commanding Respect inserts that finally give some of the overlooked stars their due. There is a game-used version of Commanding Respect called Premium Respect featuring rare game-used patches numbered to just 75 each.

 Home Field Advantage spotlights some of the game's top players and their accomplishments on their home turf while Premium Advantage contains actual pieces from game-used turf that is embedded on the card. If you don't think there are enough game-used inserts in Premium, then look no further than Clothes to the Game, which is a game-used only insert. Look for game-used or autograph cards in every 15 packs. So if you're a real football fan and collector, run-don't walk-to your nearest hobby dealer and grab some 2001 Fleer Premium NFL trading cards-you won't be sorry.

2001 Fleer Premium NFL releases on August 8 with an SRP of $3.99 (8-card pack). The complete set includes:

2001 Fleer Premium NFL
Regular Set
200 Regular Cards
50 Premium Rookies (#'d to 2,001)
The first 250 cards of selected rookies will have a piece of player-used football from the Rookie Photo Shoot included.

250 Star Ruby (#'d to 125)

10 Rookie Revolution (1:10) - Rookies who will make a huge impact in the NFL such as Michael Vick, Santana Moss and Drew Brees.

10 Premium Revolution (autographed and #'d to 50)

21 Greatest Plays (1:10) - Includes Emmitt Smith, Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw and more.
9 Greatest Plays (game-used edition - 1:143) - Includes Steve Young, Dan Marino, John Elway, Jerry Rice and more.

20 Solid Performers (1:20) - Includes Donovan McNabb, Kurt Warner, Edgerrin James and more.
Premium Performers (game-used jersey cards - 1:38) - Includes Edgerrin James, Donovan McNabb, Jamal Lewis, Jim Kelley and more.

15 Commanding Respect (1:20) - Includes Isaac Bruce, Stephen Davis, Marshall Faulk, Daunte Culpepper and more.
15 Premium Respect (game-used cards #'d to just 75) - Includes Donovan McNabb, Jamal Lewis, Marvin Harrison, Doug Flutie, Marshall Faulk and more.

12 Home Field Advantage (1:72) - Includes Eddie George, Ricky Williams, Kurt Warner, Warrick Dunn and more.
12 Premium Advantage (game-used turf cards #'d to 300) - Includes Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre, Eddie George, Chris Carter, Kurt Warner and more.

Clothes to the Game (game-used cards - 1:59) - Includes Cade McNown, Marvin Harrison, Champ Bailey, Isaac Bruce, Edgerrin James, Jake Plummer and more.

Combined Odds for autographed and game-used cards is 1:15

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