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2001 Fleer and FanFest


Contributing to Ichiro-Mania in a Major Way

MT. LAUREL, N.J. - JULY 14, 2001 -- Fleer traveled west to the Emerald City for the 2001 Major League Baseball All-Star Week in Seattle, WA celebrating the 2001 MLB All-Star game and the John Hancock MLB All-Star FanFest, which lasted for four days and was filled with a number of activities.

        For those lucky enough to attend FanFest they probably noticed the long line of people lined up at Fleer's trade show booth, which at one point, actually reached the outside doors of Seattle's exhibition center. What were all of these fans in line for? One word - ICHIRO.

        Fleer produced 10,000 limited edition bilingual Ichiro cards with an All-Star game logo for a special wrapper redemption program that took place over the course of FanFest. To obtain the Ichiro card collectors had to bring five sealed packs of any 2001 Fleer MLB trading card product to the Fleer booth. Collectors and fans ripped open the packs, gave Fleer the wrappers, and in return received the special Ichiro card.

        In was hard to miss the excitement surrounding the Fleer booth with people lined up all around FanFest to receive an Ichiro card. Some people stood in line for three hours just to receive the card, while others lined up outside the gates for over 2 hours early just to claim their spot in line.  The buzz generated by this once in a lifetime card was obvious all around the building as news crews and various other media outlets covered the frenzy.

        "We expected that the card would generate long lines and would be highly sought after, but we were honestly shocked at the high number of people that were there solely there to obtain the card," said Fleer spokesman Joshua Perlman. "Ichiro-Mania obviously contributed to the success of the program and we were happy to offer this unique collectible All-Star piece to fans."

        Although the Fleer Ichiro card was the hit of the week in Seattle, Fleer also brought to town the popular spin and win wheel, with lines for that also continuously long throughout the weekend. Fans and collectors lined up to spin for free Fleer packs, inserts and hats. Along with the wheel, Fleer's staff was on hand to speak with fans and collectors about various ideas, issues and thoughts pertaining to Fleer cards.

        Just a short walk from the Fleer booth was the Fleer Card Flipping area. All weekend long Fleer held the famous baseball card flipping tournaments where fans flipped for free Fleer baseball cards, t-shirts and key-chains. Thousands of people left with free goodies and great memories with the top winners of card flipping being recognized on the card flipping stage. The popular attraction even drew celebrities such as Howie Long and Meatloaf who demonstrated their card flipping expertise.

        "Our card flipping program has become somewhat of a staple at many MLB events," said Perlman. "The program continues to grow and has come long way in just a few years."

        With a large presence at the MLB John Hancock FanFest Fleer had a very successful week in Seattle and is already preparing for Milwaukee next year. See you at Miller Park!


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