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2001 Fleer Legacy Baseball


Fleer Legacy Baseball Offers a MLB Fitted Authentic

Autographed Cap in Every Box

MT. LAUREL, N.J. - JUNE 19, 2001 -- Fleer debuted Legacy in grand style with its recent NBA release that introduced the concept of an autographed jersey in every box. Hot on its heels is the baseball incarnation of this exciting brand and this time Fleer is tipping its cap to the diamond's finest.

 Inside every box of all the all-new Legacy Baseball, collectors will find one autographed MLB fitted cap personally autographed by a current or retired baseball star. Some of the players who have taken pen-to-cap for this product are Derek Jeter, Drew Henson, Stan Musial, Don Mattingly, Paul Molitor, Tony Gwynn, Jason Giambi, Mike Mussina and plenty more.

        Although hats are indeed a major highlight of Legacy, the product is definitely not a "one-hat wonder." In fact, some of this season's hottest baseball cards can also be found inside the accompanying 15-pack boxes.

Autographed and game-used trading cards are seeded at a robust 1:5 packs! Included are 10 autographed true rookie cards, numbered to 799, featuring the likes of Albert Pujols, Wilson Betemit and Fleer-exclusive Drew Henson!

On the game-used front, look for Tailor Made uniform cards consisting of players like Nolan Ryan, Dave Winfield, Don Mattingly, Reggie Jackson and more. Hit Kings, a memorabilia insert featuring game-used bat cards, highlights stars such as Stan Musial, George Brett, Billy Martin and more. Hot Gloves feature game-used ball cards of former Gold Glovers such as Ken Griffey Jr., Tony Gwynn, Jeff Bagwell and more.

Then there is the three-tiered MLB Game Issue insert set. This set contains three different levels, which include game-used base cards, game-used Base/Ball cards and game-used Base/Ball/Jersey cards. All three levels are jam-packed with star-studded lineups. 

Hats off to Fleer Legacy Baseball. It's sure to be the hit of the summer! Fleer Legacy Baseball releases on July 11. The complete set includes:

2001 Fleer Legacy Baseball
Regular Set
90 Legacy Cards
10 Legacy Autographed Rookies (#'d to 799)
5 Legacy Rookies (#'d to 799)

Parallel Sets
105 Ultimate Legacy Cards (#'d to 250)

Each box will contain one autographed authentic MLB fitted cap that comes with an FGM hologram and certificate of authenticity.

25 Tailor Made (1:15) - game-used jersey/uniform cards from former and current stars such as Nolan Ryan, Dave Winfield, Don Mattingly, Carlos Delgado, Manny Ramirez, Reggie Jackson and more.

29 Hit Kings (1:13) - game-used bat cards of former MLB greats such as Stan Musial, George Brett, Reggie Jackson and Billy Martin along with current stars such as Barry Bonds and Troy Glaus.

        10 Hit Kings Short Prints (version #'d to only 100) - includes short-printed game-used bat cards from MLB greats such as Johnny Bench, Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs and Robin Yount.

15 Hot Gloves (1:180) - game-used ball cards of the hottest fielders in the game such as Ken Griffey Jr., Tony Gwynn, Jeff Bagwell, Cal Ripken, Jr. and more.

MLB Game Issue (3 tiers)
15 MLB Game Issue Base (1:52) - game-used base cards that include Derek Jeter, Frank Thomas, Scott Rolen, Alex Rodriguez, Cal Ripken Jr. and more.

15 MLB Game Issue Base/Ball (#'d to 100) - includes Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa and more.

10 MLB Game Issue Base/Ball/Jersey (#'d to 50) - includes Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken Jr., Barry Bonds, Chipper Jones and more.

Overall odds of pulling a game-used or autogrpahed card is 1:5 packs



MT. LAUREL, N.J. - JUNE 19, 2001 - Legacy Baseball, which includes the uniqueness of an authentic autographed cap in every box, will also include a packaging enhancement that will provide dealers with more options when reselling the product.

        Unlike Legacy Basketball, where the packs were included in a tray inside the box, Legacy Baseball will include an "auxiliary" box that will be shrunk-wrapped and salable as a sealed wax box even if the buyer chooses to open the main box and pull out the autographed cap.

        "On it's own merit, the trading card portion of Legacy Baseball will be among the hottest products of the year," said Fleer spokesman Joshua Perlman. "That is why we wanted to make that available as it's own separate component to dealers if they choose to sell it that way."     

The "mini" wax box of Fleer Legacy Baseball will include 15 packs and contain memorabilia cards at a ratio of 1:5 packs. Included in packs will be autographed true rookie cards of some of the brightest young stars such as Drew Henson and Albert Pujols, and also the lowest numbered Suzuki card to date (numbered to 799).   

Fleer Legacy Baseball will release in July with the SRP for individual packs at $9.99 (5-card pack) with a mini box SRP of $150 (15 packs).

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