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Fleer's 2001 Tradition WNBA TIips off Another Exciting Basketball Season

MT. LAUREL, N.J., -- MAY 24, 2001 -- This season marks the fifth anniversary for the WNBA and the league is already rich with a pride and tradition all its own. Now, Fleer pays homage to the league with 2001 Fleer WNBA Tradition.

        All of the standout players are featured in awe-inspiring color photography on a brand-new design made specifically for this product. The basic-card set consists of 165 cards featuring all of the color and pizzazz of the WNBA.

        Fleer WNBA Tradition is packed with plenty of electrifying insert collections as well. Autographics, the most successful and longest running autograph program in the hobby is featured in Tradition and includes some of the hottest WNBA stars around. Collectors can receive a signing bonus from Jennifer Azzi, Betty Lennox, Katie Smith, Natalie Williams and more. Autographics Extra is also featured in Tradition and contains Autographics cards numbered to only 50.

        One of the main highlights for collectors is pulling a card of their favorite player that contains a swatch of jersey along with an autograph. Autographics Plus does just that, and each card is numbered to the jersey number of that particular player. Jennifer Azzi, Natalie Williams and others are included.

        Rookies are all the rage right now around the hobby, and Fleer is bringing the hottest WNBA rookies to Tradition. Here is a chance to get the brightest young stars through this exciting "team rookie" redemption program. The set includes Jackie Stiles, Lauren Jackson and more.

        How about some actual WNBA Game Tickets? You want them? We got them! Spread throughout various packs of WNBA Tradition will be a voucher good for two WNBA game tickets in the city closest to you. Each pack of Fleer WNBA Tradition even includes a WNBA Pocket Schedule for the entire league.      

Also included in Fleer WNBA Tradition is Tradition Uncut, a redemption program that features a card good for one WNBA Tradition 100-card uncut sheet. There are 100 total sheets available.

        Other terrific inserts in Fleer WNBA Tradition include Cynthia Cooper's Supreme Court, Starting Five and Global Game. All inserts contain innovative designs and all-star line-ups.

        Fleer 2001 WNBA Tradition releases on June 8 and carries an SRP of $1.49 (10-card pack). The complete set includes:

Fleer 2001 WNBA Tradition
Regular Set
165 Cards

20 Global Game (1:6) - Stars from all around the world such as Yolanda Griffith (USA), Andrea Nagy (Hungary), Tully Bevilaqua (Australia), Eva Nemcova (Czech Republic) and more.

15 Starting Five (1:12) - These women lead the way down the court - Sheryl Swoopes, Lisa Leslie, Tina Thompson, Natalie Williams and more.

10 Cynthia Cooper's Supreme Court (1:18) - You have to be "supreme" to join Cooper on the court - Chamique Holdsclaw, Jennifer Gillom, Sheryl Swoopes, Natalie Williams are.

Team Rookie Redemption (1:30) - Includes Jackie Stiles, Lauren Jackson and more!

10 Award Winners (1:30) - These players have all won awards during their tenure in the WNBA - includes 2000 season winners Sheryl Swoopes (MVP, Defensive Player of the Year), Ticha Penicheiro (All-WNBA First Team), Tari Phillips (Most Improved Player) and more.

Autographics (1:144) - The hottest signatures in the game such as Jennifer Azzi, Betty Lennox, Katie Smith, Natalie Williams and more.

Autographics Extra (#'d to 50)

Autographics Plus (autographed and numbered to jersey number) - This special insert collection contains Jennifer Azzi, Natalie Williams and more.

Ticket Vouchers - Redemption cards good for 2 WNBA game tickets.

Tradition Uncut - Redemption cards for WNBA Tradition 100-card uncut sheets.

Each pack will also include a WNBA pocket schedule


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