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2001 Fleer Platinum Baseball



Highlighted by the Return of Rack Packs, Jumbo Packs, Historic

 Fleer Rookie Cards, Classic Autographed Cards and More

MT. LAUREL, N.J. -- MAY 15, 2001 -- The year was 1981 and Fleer was making history by joining the ranks of MLB licensed baseball card manufacturers. Now, 20 years later with the release of Platinum Baseball, Fleer has compiled a product for the ages.

Look for some of Fleer's Greatest Rookie Cards such as Cal Ripken Jr., Roger Clemens, Kirby Puckett and Don Mattingly. In addition, Classic Combinations offers game-used bats from two separate players on every card. Look for cards with combinations of Ted Williams/Tony Gwynn, Roberto Clemente/Vladimir Guerrero, Mike Schmidt/Scott Rolen and more.

2001 Fleer Platinum Baseball is jam-packed with something for every collector. This product celebrates the rich history of Fleer Major League baseball cards and brings back some of the most memorable components of the hobby. The return of Jumbo Packs and Rack Packs will bring collectors back to a simpler time. Found in jumbo packs will be the insert Nameplates, featuring a swatch from the nameplate patch on the back of player's jerseys.

Regular hobby boxes will contain 24 packs of 10-cards each and will include an industry first. Fleer has acquired a number of Actual Tickets from Historic MLB Games and will randomly insert them in hobby boxes. As a special bonus, a limited number of these tickets will be autographed by players who starred in those games.

Rack packs will contain 45 total cards, including some of the Greatest Autographed Cards in Fleer History. The most notable of these is a Roger Clemens autographed card from 1992.

Another hobby exclusive insert is National Patch Time, an insert containing jersey swatches from some of the greatest current and retired stars in baseball history, including George Brett, Mike Schmidt, Ozzie Smith and Manny Ramirez - found 1:24 packs.

The basic-card set of Platinum utilizes the original Fleer baseball design from 1981 and consists of 301 cards, including 51 short prints found at a ratio of 1:6 packs, plus rookie cards of Ichiro, Drew Henson and Albert Pujols. Also included is the 250 card Platinum Edition parallel set (numbered to 201) and the 50 Short Prints parallel set (numbered to 21).

        2001 Fleer Platinum Baseball will be available on May 30 with an SRP of $2.99 (10-card pack), $5.99 (25-card jumbo pack) and $9.99 (45-card rack pack). The complete set includes:

2001 Fleer Platinum Baseball
Regular Set
250 Basic Cards
31 Dual Short Prints (1:6)
All-Star Cards (1:6)

250 Platinum Edition (#'d to 201)
50 Platinum Edition (#'d to 21)

18 20th Anniversary Reprints (1:8) - Reprints of Fleer's best rookie cards from the past 20 years of cards.

20 Grandstand Greats (1:12) - Featuring crowd-pleasers of Major League Baseball.

40 Classic Combinations (serial numbered) - Two players per card.
        10 #'d to 2,000
        10 #'d to 1,000
        10 #'d to 500
        10 #'d to 250
11 Classic Combinations Bat Cards (hand-numbered to 25 each) - Some include Chipper Jones, Ted Williams and Tony Gywnn.

Autographics/Autographs (1 per rack pack)- Exclusive to rack packs and contain actual autographed cards and Autographics cards from the last 20 years

30 Name Plates (1:12 jumbo pack) - Hand numbered card that contain pieces from the actual name plates from players uniforms.

Tickets (1:132 hobby packs) - Actual game-tickets inserted into boxes. Some tickets include:
        Tony Gwynn's 300th hit
        Mark McGwire's 500 home-run
        1926 World Series Ticket (Babe Ruth played)
Autographed Tickets - Some tickets are autographed and include:
        Stan Musial's last game (ticket signed by Musial)
        Steve Carlton's 300th win (Signed by Carlton)
27 National Patch Time (1:24 hobby packs) - Game-used cards featuring MLB stars.

Overall odds for game-used cards in hobby boxes is 1:24

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