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Fleer Card Flipping Returns


Close to 500 Hobby Shops Participating in the Nationwide Program

MT. LAUREL, N.J. - MAY 14, 2001 - Fleer Trading Cards is bringing back the popular baseball card flipping program and expanding it more than ever before. Roughly 500 hobby shops are hosting in-store promotions, and Fleer will also travel the nation visiting 10-12 Major League Baseball Stadiums this summer to hold events.

Card flipping, which challenges two competitors to face-off and match each other's flips (heads or tails) in a best of five series, is another way Fleer is getting kids involved in the age-old hobby of sports card collecting.

         Now and continuing throughout the summer, shops are hosting Fleer card flipping tournaments using special Fleer card flipping kits that have been distributed to those participating. This fun game combines luck and skill and enables kids to interact with their baseball cards while winning various prizes.

All shops will be giving away tons of prizes for the kids such as free Fleer baseball cards, autographed cards, t-shirts, tickets to MLB games and more.  Beckett Publications has also donated many prizes such as magazine subscriptions, certificates good for free card grading and more.

        "Thousands of kids will once again be participating in these tournaments, which will drive traffic to many hobby shops across the country, "said Andrew Lilien, Director of Marketing for Fleer. "We love nothing more than raising awareness about the hobby and bringing back the "old times" of collecting. 

        The grand prize winner from each store will take home a host of prizes and will also be automatically entered into a sweepstakes to win prizes including a free trip to the 2001 MLB All-Star Game in Seattle, WA, along with tickets to the MLB All-Star FanFest.

        One lucky dealer will also win a trip to Seattle for all the MLB All-Star festivities along with winning a free 10' x 20' dealer table at FanFest.

        Along with all of the in-store competitions, Fleer is traveling the nation visiting over 10 Major League Ballparks and bringing the card flipping challenge right into the heart of the stadiums. Los Angeles, New York (Mets), St. Louis, Cincinnati, Houston, Tampa and Miami are just a few stops on the summer long Fleer Card Flipping Tour.  

 "Last year we traveled to six Major League Ballparks and since the events were so successful the program has been expanded to include 10-12 parks," said Lilien. "We believe this program is a great tool that brings parents and kids together at the ballpark and at the same time introduces kids to the fun of collecting baseball cards."

        Dates, times and locations for the stadium events will be announced in the near future. Shops hosting card flipping tournaments will be listed on Fleer.com shortly. Look for a store near you!


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