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(Toronto, ON; August 23, 2001);

In the Game, Inc., the manufacturers of the Be A Player brands of hockey cards, is very excited about a new draft redemption card program which has debuted in the 2001-02 Be A Player Memorabilia Series released on August 22.

Because of newly implemented regulations in hockey card licensing agreements, manufacturers can no longer produce cards of players who have not played an NHL game in an NHL and NHLPA licensed card set. That may be disappointing to some collectors who reveled in collecting rookie cards of young players years before they finally pulled on an NHL uniform.

However, these new regulations have inspired this latest redemption card promotion. The recent NHL draft has introduced a whole new group of names for hockey fans to get excited about, especially the 30 young men selected in the first round of the 2001 draft held in Florida several weeks ago.

Eventually, most if not all these first-round picks will appear in an NHL game. And when they do, you will have an opportunity to collect a very special set by sending in the corresponding redemption cards inserted in packs of 2001-02 Be A Player Memorabilia Series.

There are 30 different redemption cards in this set, one representing each first-round draft pick. In the Game has decided to keep the program simple and use a numbering sequence rather than a team name. This effectively eliminates confusion if any of these players are traded before they reach the NHL. Card number one represents the first overall draft choice, card number two represents the second overall pick, right down to the 30th and final choice of the opening round.

³We are very pleased to bring this interactive element to the product,² said Dr. Brian H. Price, President of In the Game, Inc. ³However, we have to team up with collectors in order for this to work. It will take some extra effort on our part as well as the part of collectors but the end result will be worth it. I really think well all have fun doing this project.²

Each of these special redemption cards is extremely limited. Once submitted to In the Game, collectors will receive cards that are hand numbered to 100. That is an extraordinarily low print run, even in this day and age of the short-printed rookie card. It also guarantees the card will maintain significant value on the secondary market. If the particular player enjoys tremendous NHL success, the collector will benefit even further.

The program kicks off when each of these 30 players skate in their first NHL game. For some, that will happen in the upcoming 2001-02 season. For others, the big moment may not occur for another year or two. To get the latest update on the status of these players, you can visit the website at and click on the ³Draft Redemption Program² link. Beside each numbered draft choice redemption card, you will find the precise date of the respective playerıs NHL debut. Collectors will have exactly six months from that debut date to send the redemption card to In the Game. The deadline date for each redemption card will also be listed on the website. This page will be updated on a frequent basis.

In the Game assures collectors that they will receive their hockey card within 10 weeks of the playerıs NHL debut, giving the company sufficient time to actually produce the cards. Complete redemption instructions (including a postage and handling fee) are provided on each redemption card.

In the unlikely event a specific player has not appeared in an NHL game by November 1, 2005, collectors will then have the option of continuing to wait for that player to make his NHL debut, or to trade that particular redemption card in for another one of equal value.

³Weıre going out of our way to provide additional value for our loyal collectors,² said Dr. Price. ³There is certainly significant potential for hobbyists to benefit, especially if they invest in a future NHL superstar while the secondary market price is relatively low.²

Each pack of 2001-02 Be A Player Memorabilia Series will hold six cards plus a decoy or memorabilia card. There are 24 packs in a box. Every box will contain one memorabilia card. The release date for this product was August 22, 2001. A complete checklist of all the cards in 2001-02 Memorabilia Series is available on the website at

In the Game, Inc. has produced the Be A Player brands of hockey trading cards since 1998-99 including the Memorabilia Series, the Signature Series, and the Ultimate Memorabilia Series.

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