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Be A Player Memorabilia Cards Limited To 100

In the game, inc. announces production runs of 
future memorabilia card inserts will be reduced
all will be limited to 100 copies or less

(Toronto, ON: July 26, 2001)

In the Game, Inc., the manufacturers of the Be A Player brands of hockey trading cards, is always looking for ways to provide more value for the collector. 

Throughout the years, the company has presented successful brands such as the Be A Player Signature Series, the Memorabilia Series, and The Ultimate Memorabilia. In 2001-02, they will launch two additional great titles including the return of the ever-popular Parkhurst brand and the all-goalie release, Between the Pipes.

One element that distinguishes the companyıs brands of hockey cards from the rest of the pack is the caliber of the insert programs. They place a great deal of emphasis on memorabilia cards. In the Game has presented some of the most spectacular memorabilia cards ever made featuring the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Gordie Howe, Maurice Richard and Georges Vezina.

The company has always worked hard to verify the authenticity of all the memorabilia they acquire. In the Game has also taken a number of steps to assure that the quality of these cards is second to none. They have virtually eliminated the problem of searching by including a special decoy card in every pack. Now In the Game is taking the concept a step further.

With the release of the 2001-02 Be A Player Memorabilia Series, In the Game is dramatically limiting the production quantities of each of their memorabilia insert cards. The maximum print run for any one of these gems will be a mere 100. In many cases, that production total will be even lower. By todayıs standards, and when compared to the production quantities of memorabilia card inserts produced by other manufacturers, a print run of 100 or less is an extremely low quantity. This helps ensure that collectors receive tremendous value with each and every insert they pull from an In the Game product. The new Be A Player Memorabilia Series is loaded with no fewer than 13 different memorabilia insert sets including Rocket's Mates, Stanley Cup Playoffs, Goalie Traditions, All-Star Jersey cards, Patented Power, and Country of Origin. You will pull at least one of these cards in every box. Each is already a
spectacular card in its own right. Knowing their production run is extremely limited makes them that much more special. 

I believe in the collectible value of the memorabilia card concept, said Dr. Brian H. Price, President of In the Game, Inc. I want to ensure that the value and integrity of these cards is preserved. The best way to do that is by limiting their production to a maximum of 100 cards and in many cases, these inserts will have print runs that are much lower than 100.

The 2001-02 Be A Player Memorabilia Series will also include the popular He Shoots, He Scores Redemption decoy card program as well as the companyıs new Draft Day redemption card program. These innovative concepts, together with all the other features of the 2001-02 Memorabilia Series, are certain to generate substantial passion and enthusiasm among hockey card collectors.

A checklist for the base set and all the inserts found in 2001-02 Be A Player Memorabilia can be found on the company website: