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Beckett Online
Take a quick peek at what Dr. Beckett has planned for you in next month's guides. You can even join up and get your prices online!

Beckett Online Bonus Pricing
Can't wait for the next Beckett? Here's an advanced look at the next issue, but it's no longer free so you'll have to subscribe to one of the price guides.

Sports Cards Magazine and Price Guide
Krause Publications entry in the price guide biz is still trailing the big two, but that's not to say it doesn't have good articles and advertisements.

Sport's Collectors Digest
Find out all you need to know about this weekly magazine that has information about sportscards and memorabilia as well as the most timely classified ads around.

Teletrade Auctions Prices Realized
Teletrade has a vast history of their past auctions which allows you to see what cards have really sold for. Search for the card first and then check the prices realized. A one-step price search is coming soon!

Tuff Stuff Online
Tuff Stuff splashes down with an outstanding site that will serve all your needs for prices and information. Membership is free and includes access to an interactive price guide and many of the same features as you'd find in their magazine.

WWCD Online Price Guide
Guide with prices of most issues from 95 and up. Not as flashy as Beckett or Tuff Stuff, but I like the little reviews of each set. NOT UPDATE SINCE 1/99


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