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Civil War News Collectors Cards
Ok, war may not be a sport, but Paul has really done a great job with his site dedicated to a pretty rare set of cards by Topps.

CNC Collectibles Pulls of the Month
Want to see some tough to find inserts/parallels? CNC scans all the cool cards they find so you can check them out.

Kevin Cloutier's Hartland Figurines
If you collect Hartland Figurines you can't miss this site. It includes checklists, sale items, an auction, classified ads, and each section is well illustrated.

Peacelist Trading Card Listserver
A mailing list that you can send to as well as receive. You can let people know what you have or what cards you need. SPAM-free from Peacelist.

Professional Sports Authenticator
Ever wonder how PSA goes about grading those cards you see in their special holders? Here's the official explanation of what goes into grading a sportscard.

Ryan's List of Bible Versed Autographs
Send away for an autograph from your favorite football player and when you get it he's added a Bible verse below his name. Ryan has started a list and he wants your input.


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