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Decent selection with thousands of sports cards on auction when last I checked.

Baseball Planet
Baseball Planet runs regular online auctions with a wide variety of cards being offered, from vintage up into the 80's.

Beckett Auction Services
Beckett joins in the auction game with regularly scheduled auctions. Check here for the date of the next auction, and info on buying and selling.
Canadian auction site, but it's open to everyone.  Nice looking with a decent selection.

Boekhout's Collectibles Mall Auctions
Boekhout's provides online auction services to many different auctioneers and can set one up for you for a fee.
You'll find some less than usual items posted here and there are some great deals to be found.

Chris' Cards - Auction
Running regular small auctions with low minimum bids.

After picking your city (or state), you're on your way to some great sportscard auctions. The location info is only used if a seller doesn't want to ship everywhere in the world which usually isn't a concern with cards.

Curran's Auctions
A busy auction site with hundreds of lots going on the block each week. I saw some great prices when I visited so you should take a look.

David Rudd's Auction On-Line
David's been running auctions for a long time by email and also at his site. You'll find cards from the early 1900's and up.

Double J Sports Auctions
Running weekly auctions in all sports both at the site and by email updates.

What if you could put in an item you wanted and then have potential sellers try to be the low bidder and get the sale?  Then you would have eWanted.

Jay's Sports Connection
Jay's really has some unique sports collectibles in his auction and it's worth the click just to read the descriptions!

A Sight for Sport Eyes Auction
An email auction that updates on the web site once per day with lots divided into baseball, basketball, football, and memorabilia.

SportsCards Center
Baseball, Basketball, and Football live auctions running continuously with very low minimum bids.

Teletrade is now taking bids on the web! Now you have the option of bidding by phone, on the web, or on their free 800# computer network.

Up 4 Sale
Up 4 Sale has auctions for anything you can think of, but this link will get you to the trading cards area. You can post your items here too.


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