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Be A Player
In the Game is now in charge of making the one autograph per pack set in conjunction with the NHL Player's Association.

Collector's Edge
Edge has been making football cards, basketball prospects, and even hockey prospect sets and now they hit the web with a great site full of checklists.

The company's gone, but the cards certainly were fun and the site shows some examples. If you ever see them, pick up a few packs. You won't be disappointed.

Fleer/Skybox have great coverage for all their releases, including checklists, and many pictures of their base cards, subsets, and inserts. Bravo!

Just Minors
Just is breaking into the minor league baseball card ranks with a prospect set loaded with autographs. Check out their site to see what they have planned in the future.

A visually pleasing site that lets you see some of the wild card creations Pacific's designers have been coming up with for you to chase.

Panini NBA Stickers
Italian manufacturer has been making cards and stickers for 36 years, from soccer to basketball. Their non-sport division did so well that Marvel bought them a few years ago.

Manufacturer of some of the more creative football cards in the past few years and it looks like they're not slowing down for '97.

ProGard Sports Collector Products
From trading card pages to binders and baseball holders, you can order your supplies directly from Enor on the web!

SA-GE stands for Sequentially #'d Autographed Guaranteed Every pack. This micro-printer makes draft pick sets loaded with great autographs.

Team Best
If it's Baseball Prospects and autographs then Team Best is your place.  They've been making prospect sets for years.

The classic hits the web with a simple but useful site were the latest releases are listed by card #, last name, and team.

Upper Deck  
Nice looking and easy to use.  Add that to the fact that they are now up to date with product information, card pictures, and checklists make this easily one of the best.


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