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09/24/01 -Auction for America: Ebay has a way that the sportscard community can come together and contribute to help the victims of the September 11th tragedy even when you don't have the money.

08/31/01 -Topps Falls Into thePit: Is Topps recent purchase of a smooth business move or a hobby conflict of interest?

08/25/01 -Congratulations! (Sort of): The use of redemption cards has reached epidemic proportions and with no end in sight, what can collectors do?

07/22/01 -2001 Hobby Report Card: My feature on the 22nd National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland got me thinking so I've expanded it to a three part look at our hobby in general.  I think it's time for some changes.

06/26/01 -Tiger Mania: He's the hottest name in sportscards as well as golf and Upper Deck becomes the first major manufacturer to bring Tiger Woods to our hobby.

06/11/01 -Bonus or Bogus: Are the new memorabilia boxes really worth the big bucks?  We take a look at Topps Reserve and Fleer Legacy Basketball.

05/21/01 -Hobby News: The latest happenings in our hobby including news on Don West, Ichiro Suzuki, and Albert Pujols, plus our new Press Releases section.

04/30/01 -61*: A review of Billy Crystal's new movie about Maris and Mantle chasing the Babe's record in 1961.

04/19/01 -A History Lesson: With Topps Archives, Upper Deck Hall of Famers, and most new Fleer products the trend has been toward bringing back the old cards, players, and quality.

03/31/01 -A Grading Nightmare: Are your cards safe when you send them to a grading service?  Here's the story of a beautiful OPC Gretzky rookie that came back from PSA looking somewhat different.

03/18/01 -Melting The Ice: Upper Deck and Pacific push the envelope of hockey cards with four hot new products full of rare rookies, game jerseys, and graded cards.

02/26/01 -Dale Earnhardt: A tribute to the fallen champion through his sportscards and his career accomplishments.

02/17/01 -New Again: Topps continues their 50th Anniversary celebration with a flash of the past.  Topps Heritage takes the 1952 Topps look, adds some modern players, and brings back the gum.  Is it a recipe for success?

01/31/01 -Super Cards: Does winning the Super Bowl MVP mean we should all go out and buy up Ray Lewis rookie cards?  A look at the effect that awards, records, streaks, and inductions have on the value of our collections.

01/16/01 -UD Insanity: It was quite a week for Upper Deck as they released two new products, Game Bat Edition Baseball and UD Graded Football.  If you've got $75 to spend you could try one pack of each!


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